Why it's okay to have pizza and beer

Why it’s okay to have pizza and beer

Some people run to get in shape. Some people run so that they can eat food like pizza and beer. Other people run just to run. Me, I love slurpees.Tuesday nights at the Harvard track has become a staple for most runners and tmirce’ers come out for all different reasons. You wanna get fast, you wanna get strong or you’re training for a race. We run for all sorts of different reasons but the outcome is the same. See post track workout photo below.

From Left: Fast Bob, Ray, Dan, The Kid, Energizer Bunny, Danzu Ryu

So why do you run? I bet it’s because a llama’s chasing you; a valid reason. If that’s not the case, tell us. If you’re looking for a good reason to get out on a Monday night when it’s dark and want to run with some fun people with free food afterwards, check out Lululemon’s new run from their store at the Pru.

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