Who Keeps Bringing Blueberry Cake & volunteering?

When we say we run together and eat together, we really mean it. The sun was shinning and it was a tad brisk if you will, last Saturday. It was nice being back and seeing all the friendly faces that make running club so unique. I might send out the emails and organize some things from time to time, but it’s your group. You do as much as I do to make it happen. You volunteer for events; you bring delicious foods for our potluck style, post run breakfast; you organize your own get-togethers, parties, dinners, running events and even continue to bring that awesome blueberry cake from Star Market…Who is that? I love that stuff.

All that being said, we’re excited to announce that we are going to be supporting the Spring, New Balance Reach the Beach Relay on Friday, May 20th. We have two full transition areas (for those of you who don’t know, a transition area is where one runner meets his or her team and passes the baton to the next runner.)
There are a ton of awesome jobs during this 6-8ish hour stint of work and an awesome volunteer t-shirt that only the volunteers get. It’s a serious honor to have and wear. If you think you have what it takes to be super awesome, click the volunteer button right here, then:
-From the RTB website
-select Informal Running – TMIRCE from the drop down menu. Fill out the info    and your in.
So when you decide to come this Saturday to the most informal running club ever, bring a friend, meet someone new, bring a tasty treat and remember that everyone who eats, runs and everyone who runs, eats. And some people just eat and don’t run and that’s cool too.

Check out what all the cool kids are doing: 

We have cool T-mirce-Shirts: