What’s in Your Shopping Bag?

Mark being opulent 

During a recent running club, Saturday February 5th, club regular Mark stated, “I feel intrusive when I look at other peoples groceries.” A statement that initially sparked a laugh and then initiated a separate thought “why this feeling of intrusion?” Upon further inspection and review, I came to the conclusion that Mark might be on to something. Let me set the scene:

35 runners are standing outside City Sports ready to trot off on our weekly run. Several shoppers proceed to weave through the informal ranks on their way out of the nearby Star Market carrying their full bags of groceries. Now, it’s safe to assume that most people have walked the aisles of a grocery store in their lives to pick out the food that they will be eating/making and consuming in the near to late future, depending on preservative levels. So when Mark peeked at the passerby’s bag, what could that have revealed about that person and furthermore, will this call into question the way any of us approaches food shopping?

As runners, we tend to think about the foods we eat differently than others. I know that after I run, I like to eat fruits and drink beer. I also will maw-down on the occasional pizza – and by occasional I mean often.

Everyone jump on 3. 1, 2 … ahhh to soon!

Food on the table this week of note:

  • fresh bananas
  • lots of grapes
  • Guacamole (home made)
  • llama meat (just kidding?)
  • Ritz Crackers
  • stick ‘o’ dynamite
The run itself was eventful. Because literally running on the Charles River is frowned upon, Boston’s DCR decided at the beginning of the winter season, that they would do a better job clearing the pathways on the river than Cambridge; and so far they’re proving themselves. When you get to the Cambridge side, I suggest making a B-line for the MIT side of Mem. Dr. Pretty well done MIT. Thanks to everyone who showed up and made this Saturday the best run ever! I just have one question I’d like to throw out there…
What’s in your shopping bag? Discuss.
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