TMIRCE Runs This Saturday at City Sports for Boston

TMIRCE Runs This Saturday at City Sports for Boston

[Boston] Thursday, April 18th

Last Sunday was the 117th running of the Boston Marathon. A day, Patriots Day, a holiday for runners, Red Sox fans, and the celebration of our basic freedoms. We watched and cheered our friends like it was our jobs until our voices ran course. But we weren’t ready for what happened next. The violent attack at the finish line that killed and maimed our fellow brothers and sisters. Watching the events unfold, we felt anger and sadness and a sense of helplessness. “This is my city. Those are my people.” “Were any of my friends there? Are my people ok?” It was these questions that flew through our heads as we watched from television screens as we tried frantically to siphon through the endless trickle of text messages. Remarkably, in the face of such violence; true, real world heroes ran into the grip of the chaos to raise up the fallen and stamp out the intended  evil. Witnessing these acts of selflessness, the Cowboy Hero Carlos Arredondo, holding shut – with his bare hand – the artery of a man who lost his leg, and the iconic image of the police officer standing over Bill Iffrig, are just two examples of countless acts of heroism. This is why we feel a deep obligation as runners to do our part in supporting our community.


Somerville Vigil at 7:45pm

This weekend

Saturday at TMIRCE, we’ll be selling our club T-Shirts for $20.oo and giving all the proceeds to the One Fund, set up by the offices of our Mayor and Governor to benefit the victims and their families. There will be more opportunities to help as we move forward, but this just seems like the right thing to do right now.

City Sports Porter Square – 10am. Note – they had a special 5K fun run planned for this weekend to celebrate their 30th Anniversary, but they are re-working the message to pay respect to the tragic events at the marathon. More info once confirmed; partnering with Brooks for this run.

Get out there and be with your people. Here are some great opportunities to connect this week.