TMIRCE gets Race-y

TMIRCE gets Race-y

After a few long weeks of family, friends, lots of food, and running, it’s time to settle in for winters long haul. But it doesn’t have to be done alone. On December 18th, TMIRCE broke all the rules, kicked ass and took names at the Cambridge 5k Yulefest, placing 1st overall in the team category with the help of some top secret speed-demons.

And again, this past Saturday at the Resolution Run 2 Kick Cancer in Lexington, TMIRCE repped strong and threw down 2nd place in the team competition. Go team.

But the truth is, you don’t have to be a super speedster or uber competitive to run with us. Being part of a TMIRCE team is something anyone can do because we believe firstly in having fun together, and that’s what counts. Pfff. So we got a couple trophies in the bag…we have fun together no matter what, drinking beers, eating breakfast and slamming down some post race champagne for the hell of it. Even more importantly, we’ve had a bunch of people run their first race ever as part of team TMIRCE and for that we thank you.

We can never have enough TMIRCE power at local races. Supporting one another as we tear up the pavement can be inspiring to rookie and veteran TMIRCE’ers alike (speaking of which, big ups to Jonathan Dioli, Sean Murphy, and Rachel Vanderkruik for stepping up at the Saturday Fun Run+BFast the last two weeks, banging gongs and hosting the best run ever.)

Now we have an opportunity to strut our stuff, get informal all over everyone, and race like the Mayan calendar is about to run out of time. Sunday, Feb 05 2012 at 10:30AM (for you sports fans, that’s Superbowl Sunday) is racemenu’s Super Sunday 5 Miler. They’ve put out a call to all teams who think they have what it takes to achieve greatness. Well I say, since we’re already great, let’s do this one for fun and uphold the informal name to it’s truest meaning. By my count, there’s about 6 people who registered under the join team option and typed “TMIRCE” and so should you. Whether this is your first time ever hearing of us or the billionth, we want you to run with Informal Nation.

Want to run with Informal Running? Then get off your booty and join: