That was 1 Hill of a Workout

Last night was cold and the prospect of the Tuesday regulars showing up for the best hill workout ever was slim. However, after waiting in the warmth at  The Corrib Pub on Harvard Ave. in Brookline, the friendly and familiar faces began to rustle into the bar. There we stood,  four TMIRCE runners, all who had high hopes of accomplishing the daunting Summit Hill Ave. repeats workout. Accompanied by Ray, Galen and Richard, we set out at 6:45pm and made our way to the Summit base, a short 1/2 mile run to warm up.
A View from the Top

At first the sidewalk seemed like it would be clear enough to the top, but quickly, we found out otherwise. Wearing his reflective gear, Richard paved the way up the hill at a steady pace. Ray and myself managed to arrive at the top with a bit of energy and continued to the opposite side of the hill. After turning around at the bottom, we put it into cruise control back up and over, high five-ing Richard and Galen as we passed one another. This repeated itself several times over the next 35 minutes until I couldn’t take any more.

Once back at the Pub, Ray, Richard and myself were wondering about the ever-absent Galen. Winning the coveted Man of the Night award, Galen had decided to run the tiresome repeat once more, proving his mettle. A few pints and some burgers later, we conceded to the winter night and braved the elements for one final gasp as we went on our way.
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