Spring Running: 5 Things to Remember

It started last Saturday. Mizuno Mary Heitkamp – a fellow BC alum – opened her bag of shoes, much akin to my childhood as I would open my G.I. Joe storage case. All of the colors of leather, rubber, and cloth fit nicely into their individual slots waiting to be played with by the eager TMIRCE’ers. Like so many TMIRCE Saturday’s at City Sports, there was 25 to 30 people meeting and talking with one another, enjoying some sweet, homemade, maple scones (DIANA RULES) and discussing weekend plans. Before I knew it though, a large influx of nearly 30 people came strolling through the door – how do you all coordinate such timely entrances?

Scott, Asha and Tara on the Esplanade 

Along the run, I specifically noticed the weather and its mixed effect on runners preparations and dress. Spring in Boston is more unpredictable than a half sleeping lion and newly sheered lamb. 70 degrees and sunny today, 34 degrees and rainy tomorrow. So how do you prepare and stay motivated to run in weather conditions that are always changing? (and don’t say the treadmill)

I’ve been running in Boston for the past 5 years or so and have never met a Spring season that did’t fail to surprise me. So without further adieu; here is my list of 5 things to remember when running in the Spring:

#5 – Think about what you’re wearing but don’t stress
So often around this time of year, the temperatures fluctuate wildly. I know that I run better around 48 degrees and can pull off a pair of shorts and heavy T-(MIRCE)-shirt. But as the temperature dips, I’ll throw on a long sleeve Under Armour top. Track the temperature but don’t stress about it. You can always take layers off and you can always try to run faster if you didn’t layer up to get home quicker.

#4 – Be prepared for whatever
It’s the spring and that means, rain-sleet-snow-freezing rain-acts of God, etc. If you get stuck out in the elements and don’t want to fight through it, remember to have some cash on you, a T pass, a credit/debit card, your ID or some combination of the lot. These things aren’t robust and can get you out of a jam when you need it.

#3 – Get out there with some friends
We’ve been stuck inside all winter. Running with other people will help motivate you to get of your butt and have some fun with friends you like. Added bonus: You’ll start getting excited for the summer and being outside.

#2 – Destination racing is the tops 
A great motivational tool for running in the spring is the destination race. Go somewhere you’ve never been and race with some friends. There are a ton of awesome races this time of year like the Cohasset 10k or the Asheville Idiotarod. Never raced before? Sign up anyway and just go for a run. You may be surprised at how much fun you’re having.

#1 – Get out into nature
Trail running can be a rewarding experience. Trampling through mud and over rocks, through trees and past bodies of water, can remind you of your carnal human nature. Just because we’re in a big city doesn’t mean there are no good trails out there. Check out the Middlesex Fells or Wompatuck State Park. Remeber to take a map and some snacks with you in case you get lost, or not. That’s part of the fun.

–Get out and Volunteer with TMIRCE–
There are a ton of awesome jobs during this 6-8ish hour stint of work and an awesome volunteer t-shirt that only the volunteers get. It’s a serious honor to have and wear. If you think you have what it takes to be super awesome, click the volunteer button right here, then:
-From the RTB website
-select Informal Running – TMIRCE from the drop down menu. Fill out the info    and your in.
So when you decide to come this Saturday to the most informal running club ever, bring a friend, meet someone new, bring a tasty treat and remember that everyone who eats, runs and everyone who runs, eats. And some people just eat and don’t run and that’s cool too.

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