See you at Tha Crossroads, Boston Marathon training run.

See you at Tha Crossroads, Boston Marathon training run.

[Friday] March 22, 2013

BOSTON – Running season is just starting to heat up. Last night, I got to do an old run that’s been happening for longer then I can remember. I met Martin Potter of Cheeky Running, Elsa Wilson, Jeff Barbieri, Andrew Scholte, and Laurie Ferguson at The Crossroads Irish Pub on Beacon St. for a weekly Thursday night long run for running enthusiasts and Boston Marathon trainers. The Thursday night run has been a staple for more then a decade and the sad news is that Crossroads is closing, and soon.

The run works like this. Show up to the pub between 5:30 and 6:00 PM on Thursday. Leave your stuff in the upstairs bar, and meet your friends. Then it’s off to the Hynes T stop. That’s right; this run involves riding the MBTA so bring a few bucs. Then its a quick 20 min ride on the D line to either the Woodland (8.8 mile run) stop or Riverside (9.6 mile run) stop depending on how far you’re going to run. Now that you’re out in the middle of nowhere, run back to Boston, including but not limited to running the hilliest part of the Boston Marathon, coming to a street near you, Monday, April 15th.

It should be noted, once you get back to Crossroads, there’s free pizza for runners and beer a plenty for money.

I’m a bit sad to see Crossroads go. But as Cyrus Crozer Martin from Community Running says, “We’re working on finding a new location.” I hope so Cyrus.