Running with Lulu in a Thunderstorm

Last night I was heading out the door for an after work run with Nicole from lululemon. I felt a breeze and looked up and saw ominous storm clouds approaching. Inside the buzzing store, Nicole and I discussed briefly our concerns regarding the weather, but decided, as most Bostonians of summer do, to brave the elements as they presented themselves.

The streets of Back Bay were crowded with throngs of people, clinging to every moment of outdoor time they could, creating a challenge of bobbing through the crowds as we attempted to find the river path. The heat was oppressive at one point, but the breeze kept us going until we reached the Harvard Bridge on Mass Ave. when the sky’s opened.

Nicole, Assistant Manager of lululemon in Back Bay, has a deep passion for running, yoga, and bringing the Vancouver based brand onto the running scene. Did you know that they make men’s apparel? I’ve been a fan of lululemon since I bought my running shorts there back in March, but I’ve come to realize that they are more than just a clothing store. lululemon has a great mantra geared towards creating a healthy community, bringing people together to share in positive experiences through yoga, running, and sometimes the occasional beer and sushi.

Our run took us around the Museum of Science where the duck boats were lined up with excited children quacking away. The rain continued to pepper us but at this point it was a welcomed reprieve from the heat. As we cruised back into the Back Bay, around 8 min/mi for the duration – said my Garmin Forerunner 210, the sun broke the clouds and reflected off of the Prudential Tower. After a good stretch and a quick bite at Bostone’s, my favorite local pizza joint, we said our goodbye’s and headed for home.