One Hill of a Mess

To anyone who showed up to the hill workout last night and was wondering where I was; I was here. That’s right NTB – Tire and Auto in Allston. Just the place I was hoping to be instead of running with my favorite group of peeps. But having a flat tire wasn’t all that bad. Due to the strategically placed location of this particular automotive repair establishment, I was able to try a new eatery just down the street. Pizzeria Regina at the Depot has replaced the long standing Sports Depot (formerly seen here). But you wont find this Italian eatery on Google because it seems they haven’t yet optimized their SEO. Better talk to Annie Schirmacher over at Hubspot to optimize their Internet marketing strategy.

Impressions of the Pizza:
#14 Classico
I had the 10″ #14 Classico pizza. It came with artichoke hearts, pepperoni, mushrooms, muzz-a-rel (mozzerella cheese to the non-Italians in the room) and romano cheese sprinkled on top with basil leaves. On a scale of 1-10 (1 = lowest) I give the overall taste a 7.5, while the crust, chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside comes in at a 9. There was a bit too much cheese on the pizza but I’d say my experience on the whole, while waiting for my tires to be changed, was an 8; and that includes decent service and not to mention, a full bar!
Impressions of NTB Tire and Auto in Allston:
I showed up needing 4 new tires at 7:30pm. They usually close at 9:00pm. The guy at the front desk was not entirely competent, asking me how to spell Cambridge when he needed my home address – and it didn’t give him any points that his store location is actually ON Cambridge St., nonetheless, took my car and had it completely serviced within the hour while I munched on my pizza. Nice work tire guys. The only thing you forgot was to screw on one of my air caps. That’s ok though. It’ll only cost me .4 cents at the local gas station.
So what does this have to do with running you might be asking yourself. Well, I ran from NTB to Pizzeria Regina at the Depot seen to the left:
A .4/mi run @ a 6.25 min/mi pace (it was really, really cold) took me a bit more than a minute each way. The route however is treacherous with ice and an unlit hill is unexpected on Cambridge St. ascending the bridge.
All in all, I hope everyone who showed up to the lovely Corrib Pub in Brookline had a fun run and enjoyed the local fare and beverages they have to offer.
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