A few ways to get moving with informal running this summer

A few ways to get moving with informal running this summer

[Boston] Wednesday, June 5th

On the first Tuesday of the month, TMIRCE heads out to the Harvard Track and throws down a Mile as part of the track workout. Since 2008, I’ve seen slow llamas turn into super fast llamas. Always encouraging one another by stomping our hooves, shouting our names, and clapping our hands, we speed around the track hoping to become better runners; and by better, I don’t necessarily mean faster, but more in tune with our strides, high fives, camaraderie, etc. Just look at how awesome you all are. “ehhhhh”


In other news, get ready for some great upcoming events to participate in as a club. We won’t know you’re pumped unless you promote the butt out of these awesome things we’re doing as a club.

On Saturday, June 15th at 9:00am, we want you all to come out to the City Sports Store-to-Store 80’s Dash. 1980’s themed costumes and clothing is not only encouraged, but expected – prizes for the best Disco Stu. Now I know what you’re thinking. “Andy, Disco Stu is a 1970’s character from the Simpsons.”  Here’s some logic that will blow your collective minds. Disco Stu mad his first appearance in The Simpsons episode 141 Two Bad Neighbors in 1996. With disco music becoming widely popularized in the 1970’s, clearly the average of these two decades is the 1980’s, making Disco Stu costumes acceptable at any 80’s themed event. And if anyone gives you guff, tell um “Disco Stu is working pro bono!”

Then, on Thursday, June 20th, TMIRCE will be volunteering for the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge. This is a great opportunity to help support TMIRCE and bring in some funds for the club. For every volunteer that signs up and checks in, we will receive $30 dollars. Volunteers are expected to arrive between 4:00pm and 6:00pm; race starts at 7:15pm. If you’d like to volunteer, sign up here.

Now here’s a picture of the sunrise during RTB:MA, 5 minutes before Ryan Shawgo came trotting by.


Congratulations to everyone who’s run big races in the last few weeks. Shout outs include…

  • Anthony Hengrasmy – Ran his first official half marathon at the Run to Remember
  • Jennifer Yee – Ran the Run to Remember with Anthony
  • Brandon Zimmerman – Ran the Ottowa Marathon
  • Nathan Cooke – Ran the Vermont City Marathon
  • Joshua Grant – Ran the Spartan Race and Tough Mudder on back-to-back days

…and that’s just a taste. If you’ve done something awesome in the last couple months, tell us about it in the comments below.

TMIRCE this Week

*best breakfast item will win the #goldenegg. Last week, Jason Maron won for best pineapple.