Defying physics at the Harvard Track

In typical New England fashion, summer has tucked tail and run for the hills. What should we expect then? One thing we all know is that rain sucks. Sure a light sprinkle might be nice when it’s 90 degrees and humid; but when the temps start to drop and layering becomes necessary for those nightly runs, sogginess is an inevitable result.

Here’s my suggestion. If you have never been to a track workout at the Harvard Track with TMIRCE, you might want to consider attending on those rainy days. Why do you ask? Well, watch this clip of Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters before reading on and you’ll get the idea.

THAT’S RIGHT! Track workouts make you fast. So fast in fact, that the rain will zoom right over you. If you run behind someone faster than you, even better!

The truth is, it’s impossible to actually dodge the rain unless you’re built like a Porsche Carrera GTS – and even in the Porsche’s case – your hood will still get wet. The point is, last night we ran fast – and not just the people who are fast already. Everyone ran fast. The rain has a way of motivating us runners to go as fast as we can so we can pack our things up and get to John Harvard’s for burgers and beer as expeditiously as possible. If it weren’t for Sarah, Evan, Marcello, Erik, and the rest of the soggy dozen that ran last night, we’d have never re-written the laws of physics.