Converse allstars. Best sneakers, ever?

Converse allstars. Best sneakers, ever?

[Sunday] March 24, 2013

BOSTON – Have you ever wondered if you were cool enough to wear Converse Allstars? Apparently, you are. These sneakers are versatile and durable to say the least. I’ve had the pair you see above for more then two years and they are holding up big time. Don’t be fooled by the brands ability to transcend the normal routine of daily life and broach the trendy underbelly of ultimately cool. I’m a big fan of the traditional but now the Chucks  your dad has are a thing of the past. Converse has unleashed their graphic hamsters and put together an incredible website devoted to inspiring the cockles of your heart. These sneakers aren’t just for looks and aren’t limited to the “Featured Products.” Roll your sleeves up and let your imagination run wild.

Now I’m a runner but I’ve never actually run in my Chucks. I can’t imagine it would be comfortable. That being said, I recall hearing a story from my friend and fellow TMIRCE:NYC organizer, Dave Johnson, about how he won a triathlon wearing his chucks. My recollection of the story is how Dave drove to New Hampshire early one morning for a sprint triathlonUpon arrival, he realized he’d left his running sneakers back in Cambridge. The rest is history. So if you were wondering if your new Allstars are up for the challenge, I’d say ask yourself if you’re up for the challenge cause these things are [see third sentence of post].

This April, I’ll be running theCohasset 10k for the 4th year in a row. I usually run in Vibram Fivefingers, but for this run, I’ll be sporting my favorite Black and Whites for a Sandlot style run on the south shore. These aren’t the fabled PF Flyers like in the film, but I’m willing to bet that Benny the jet could’ve done that wearing Allstars.

Check out my review on Monday, April 8th.