Cohasset 10k: The great race / TMIRCE Fun Run to Fenway

After a long TMIRCE Saturday at City Sports (TSaCS) when the sun was shinning, as usual it was the best day ever, and all the great home baked goodies had disappeared into the bellies of hungry runners, I began to gear down and focus in on the Cohasset 10k Road Race by the Sea. Annually, this is by far and away, the greatest race of the year. You must be asking yourselves, “How can someone make that statement?” 

Well it’s not about the goodies you get (shirts, post race hot dogs and snacks), but it’s the first race of the running season that is truly about running and the running community. This race is organized by the Cohasset Rotary Club who involve all aspects of their seaside community in supporting runners on the course. 

The race starts in the classic New England town, lined up in the street, parallel to the town hall and open green. Always a new rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, and the starting gun, sends runners down through the town’s main street, past tiny boutique shops and restaurants. The hoard of runners begins to thin as we all emerged into an inland lagoon, where ocean water on both sides of the road create a stunning visual. Ascending and descending into the head on wind, it is typical to to see runners working together, drafting with one another to avoid wearing out to quickly. 

All the while families have lined the roads in front of their houses, cheering and sharing water and other…eh-hem…beverages for the stronger of stomaches. But it’s not until the final straightaway when you realize the magnitude of this tiny 10k. Hundreds of people line the finishers chute cheering at the tops of their lungs, jumping in the air, clapping their hands, and whistling at every runner to finish the final and dreaded .1m with all they have. 

This is not just a road race, but the first race of the New England race season that strikes every runner with the prospect of a new year. As the sun begins to gain strength and the northern winter becomes a distant memory, the Cohasset 10k ushers in a new season of life, a new season of running.

A Stack of Mix1 at The Rock

This week at TMIRCE Saturday’s at City Sports:

The Red Sox are reeling and they need your help. The evil empire has come marching into town to drive a stake through the hearts of Red Sox nation. 

Come out on Saturday, April 9th  and support your team by participating in the First Annual TMIRCE Fun Run to Fenway. We’ll be running down through Kenmore Square and past the Green Monstah to hoot and holler for our team, be it Red Sox or Yankees. 

Wear your sporting gear and get pumped as Mix1 has donated this much of their awesome drink to TMIRCE. City Sports is also donating 4 pairs of thes cool New Balance 890’s. Come get your run on and don’t forget that Kate is Gong-re of the week.

–Get out and Volunteer with TMIRCE–

TMIRCE’s been assigned 5 transition areas for the Spring Reach the Beach Relay and we need your help. There are a ton of awesome jobs during this 6-8ish hour stint of work and an awesome volunteer t-shirt that only the volunteers get. It’s a serious honor to have and wear. If you think you have what it takes to be super awesome, click the volunteer button right here, then: 

-From the RTB website 
-select Informal Running – TMIRCE from the drop down menu. Fill out the info    and your in. 

So when you decide to come this Saturday to the most informal running club ever, bring a friend, meet someone new, bring a tasty treat and remember that everyone who eats, runs and everyone who runs, eats. And some people just eat and don’t run and that’s cool too. 

Check out what all the cool kids are doing: 

We have cool T-mirce-Shirts: