Blues and Running: The two best clubs in Boston heating up

Put some south in yer mouth yall.

Wednesday night, I made my way into the heart of Brighton to find some respite from the oppressive heat and humidity. The plan was to grab a bite at one of my favorite local BBQ pits, Smoken’ Joe’s BBQ. While I found a nice air-conditioned restaurant, Pianist, Alizon Lissance and special guests made sure that they kept the place hot with some great southern blues. I felt like I was in the heart of Cackalacky as the tomato base was flowing and the pulled pork was ‘smoken.’ Get there early on a weeknight for some great food and music. Joe’s  selection of west coast beers, while limited, really highlights the BBQ/Blues joints’ attention to southern detail. Joe himself (a self-made BBQ expert with more then 20 years experience) is usually around to serve your drinks. And if you’re lucky enough, he’ll sit down at your table and educated you about some of the greatest jazz and blues musicians you’ve never heard of.

Best run ever.

TMIRCE Saturday’s at City Sports have been equally hot, both in attendance and temperature – more so the temperature. The dog days of August have settled in. The past few weekends running have been hot, but also humid. TMIRCE’ers have been coming in the door with a good pre-sweat. I tend to have difficulty maintaining speed and endurance in the heat – not to mention my body also seems to breakdown faster and recovery takes longer. Be heard – What are 3 things you do to train and recover in the heat? – Best answer will be the topic of my next post. The run was the best ever as is tradition but the table of healthy snacks and goodies surpassed my weekly expectations. The stand out items of the week, Ginger donuts, were baked by TMIRCE baking veteran, Diana.

I’m hopeful 8/20’s TMIRCE – pre Puma 5 Miler at 5pm – in response to this post, will have some pulled brisket, coleslaw, and corn bread for the post run festivities.

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