Are You Tired of Running in the Winter? These 3 Applications Will Help.

Are You Tired of Running in the Winter? These 3 Applications Will Help.

It’s Sunday night, 8pm. You’ve enjoyed your weekend, drank some beers, gone for a casual jog, maybe ate some brunch, and now you’re dreading the 5am wake up derp from the alarm. Why do you dread? Because it’s frickin’ freezing, dark and maybe even snowing or worse – wintry mixing. Fear not. I’ve devised a solution consisting of 3 things that will help you plop out of bed and into your running shoes.

Application #1:

Sleep as Android sleep tracker. Place this alarm clock with sleep cycle tracker on your bed and it will actually graph your light and deep sleep cycle, making it easier for you to gauge when the ideal time to wake up is. Having trouble getting into a sleep routine? Just tell it how many hours you want to sleep for and set your alarm. It will notify you, if you allow it in the settings menu, when it’s time to go to sleep. I like the bird song alarm setting.

Application #2:

Any running fitness app that helps you track your run and progress. RunKeeper, MapMyRun, and Endomondo are pretty good. Also try Temple Run. 

Application #3:

Yourself. If you don’t apply yourself, you will fail. It takes a good two weeks to establish a new routine says Professor Johnson of New York University.


Come out to any one of TMIRCE’s events and runs to make new friends. Maybe someone you meet wants to run at some God-Forsaken hour of the morning with you.