An Eastern States with little fan fare

Twenty miles of running for someone training for a marathon signifies the culmination of months of preparation and the rapid approach of their 26.2 mile goal. So it is and has been for the past 15 runnings of the Eastern States 20 Miler.
Go get um Annie and Shawn
On a windy day in March, a few hundred runners gathered in a gymnasium – some slept on the wooden floor, others paced around looking for something they already had, and the truly dedicated went out for a two to three mile warm up around scenic Kittery, Maine. This was my first year not running in the event since I first ran it last year. Filled with excitement for the runners and getting to support them along the course, I was still a bit jealous and wanting to dash out with everyone as they began to filter towards the start.
The course was littered with epic vistas of ocean and sun while the 15mph headwind made the runners appreciate every view, trying as hard as it could to slow them down and soak it in. Not was the case for Patrick Moulton of Providence Rhode Island. Patrick defeated the 20 mile race with a blisterng  1:50:26 finishing time. Jim Johnson, location – unknown – followed Patrick just 1:09 sec behind. Congratulations to both runners and all the runners who raced on that day.
The finish line had little fan fare and emptied quietly on a side street near the ocean literally, steps over the state line in Massachusetts.  The after-party was held at the historic Ashworth Hotel. All the Domino’s pizza you could eat and big ups to the Girl Scouts of America for taunting us with their tasty treats! I bought the Samoa’s.
Check out the video of the race and sorry Shawn for misspelling your name in the movie. Enjoy.
–Get out and Volunteer with TMIRCE–
There are a ton of awesome jobs during this 6-8ish hour stint of work and an awesome volunteer t-shirt that only the volunteers get. It’s a serious honor to have and wear. If you think you have what it takes to be super awesome, click the volunteer button right here, then:
-From the RTB website
-select Informal Running – TMIRCE from the drop down menu. Fill out the info    and your in.
So when you decide to come this Saturday to the most informal running club ever, bring a friend, meet someone new, bring a tasty treat and remember that everyone who eats, runs and everyone who runs, eats. And some people just eat and don’t run and that’s cool too.

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