An Affair to Remember: The TMIRCE IN4MAL

An Affair to Remember: The TMIRCE IN4MAL

Last Saturday night, droves of informal runners put on their best duds, suits, tuxedos, dresses and ball gowns to get down and boogie on the dance floor. The Most Informal Running Club Ever, as founded by Dave Johnson (pictured below,) has been in existence for 4 years. Originally meant to be a group of a few friends who ran every now and then turned into a mob of sorts.

Left to Right: Andy, Justin, Dave

The night was full of raffle prizes, giveaways, music and dance-offs. The crew from Lululemon represented strongly at the party. Dance-off winner, Jonathan Hall, pulled off an insane backflip; what seemed like slow motion and 9 feet in the air, Jon pulled a move rarely seen at TMIRCE events. Of special note, Hudson Doyle won the NB Reach the Beach Relayfull team entry for this years Massachusetts race, May 18th and 19th. Hudson is suffering from good karma after volunteering with TMIRCE this past September at RTB Relay’s NH version of the historic race.

Earlier in the day, TMIRCE Saturday’s at City Sports saw a near record number of runners, 60+, all donning birthday hats for the group run. There was a lot of excitement in the air as runners were talking about their anticipation of the event later that night.

Left to Right: The gang

With Basket Case blaring over the sound system, and hands flailing in the air, one of the workers of the Marriott pulled the plug. We partied so hard that the staff was told to shut us down. And so they might be able to quiet us at the end of the evening, but TMIRCE will reign strong, at least until next year, when the big 5 beckons and the lights dim once more.