The Most Informal Story of The Most Informal Running Club Ever

October, 2007 in Cambridge, Massachusetts a small grassroots running club was born. Avid runner and generally awesome guy, Dave Johnson (God Father Llama) decided that running with other people was the best way to stay motivated. He formed a small Facebook Group called The Most Informal Running Club Ever (TMIRCE) and invited 5 of his friends to join.

We ran together, we ate together, we grew by word of mouth and “The Rock” was our home. Then one fateful night, our little group would be launched into the greatest running club ever.

A friend of Dave’s was hosting an epic Cory Hart Sunglasses at Night party. At this party, he met a girl named Jen O’Neal who was the organizer of the The Boston Running Meetup Group on a social networking web-site called Meetup.com. Jen gave Dave access to the group as an Assistant Organizer and he duplicated the FB group onto the Boston Running Meetup Groups Calander.

We grew from 5 to 10 to 25 to 45 to 60. On a warm spring morning, New Balance showed up with free shorts and shirts and over 200 TMIRCE’ers and breakfast enthusiasts were standing at “The Rock’s” front door. We had outgrown our home and needed space fast. The Boston winter was bearing down on us like Andrew Scholte on the Boston Marathon Finish Line.

Lucky for us that Evan Dana is the coolest guy ever. Evan, a local running guru, met Doug Smiley from a cool, little company called City Sports, ever heard of it? Evan and Doug began conversations about TMIRCE’s need for a new home and came up with the greatest idea ever. City Sports will become TMIRCE’s new home in exchange for continuing to be the greatest running club ever, that’s it.

And so here we stand, 2,000 strong, on the eve of the next great chapter in TMIRCE’s history. With Saturdays at City Sports, TMIRCE will continue to prosper and be Informal for everyone.

Breakfast Regards,

TMIRCE Grand Llama