A Very Informal Valentine: Rose Run 2011

An informal Saturday, 2 days before one of the most dreaded holidays of the year was upon us like a lion stalking an ostrich in the African bush. Although this lion wasn’t struck by cupids arrow, it would be more comforting to know that he wasn’t in fact stalking his prey, rather preparing a grand gesture of surprise as he would plan to leap from the tall grass and present his Ostrich with a dozen roses. It’s unfortunate that nature doesn’t always work that way – but running club? Maybe.
And so we ran and we ate and met some great people. Brian was kind enough to share his sunny travels to Miami during the run as our sunny Boston weather peaked at a morning high temperature of 44 degrees (and that’s in Fahrenheit for all you off-landers.) Thanks to Rob for making his first appearance in while and everyone who supplied the awesome goodies – Chocolate Milk, Bananas, Fruits, Sliced-dried Bananas, Banana Bread, Cookies and the Blue Berry pound cake (holy moley that was good.)
As is tradition on the grandest of days preceding Valentines day, Evan Dana (check out his party on Saturday) pulled a serious man move and bought enough roses to present all of our lovely ladies with a small gesture of our eternal gratitude for their commitment to making running club look good. Not to mention, these are some of the coolest ladies I know.
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