600 Meetups and Counting

Last night on the heals of Winter’s attempt to freeze us out, 6 battle hardened runners emerged to celebrate our 600th meetup at the Corrib Pub. Summit Ave. in Brookline loomed ahead of us as the temperature dipped below 20 degrees in a last ditch attempt to stifle our run. Ray, Brianne, Maki, Julie, Galen and myself had high hopes of finishing the workout as quick as possible because the cold was nearly unbearable. Simple suicides up and down the hill, running hard to each cross street and jogging down, we passed one another at different paces and cheered one another on as the incline and difficulty increased. With straining calves and frozen hands, we pressed on and triumphed together each descending the hill with the promise of celebratory libations and the sound of clinking mugs just round the corner.
Special TMIRCE thanks to everyone who, over the past 2 and a half years, have supported TMIRCE and have helped make it a welcoming and fun place to  eat, run and be merry.

Shortly after the run, I was privileged to have been personally invited by Bethanie Wilner to therfirst live performance of her album Stillwalk at Howl at the Moon in Downtown Boston. The aspiring singer/song writer was on key and in the zone as she performed her album hits to a packed house. The piano came alive with each key stroke and the room intently hung on the soft tones of her vibrant voice.  Congratulations to Bethanie on a successful performance.

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