5 reason to come to TMIRCE this week

5 reason to come to TMIRCE this week

[Monday] April 8th, 2013

TMIRCE is so hot right now. If you’ve been sleeping away your Saturday’s or making excuses to not come out for a run, now’s your chance to get on the gravy train. There are 5 reasons why this week at TMIRCE is going to be great and to understand why, we have to jump in our time machine and head back to last Tuesday.

5. Track Workout and Pizza/Beer

Great things have been happening on Tuesday. If you want to get faster and have some fun with cool people, Track is where it’s at. Last Tuesday was the #FTOM (First Tuesday of the Month) and we did the Shawgo Mile. What’s the Shawgo Mile? It’s an opportunity for you to take a walk down memory lane to your high school years and see how good your mile time really is. This Tuesday, we’re going to do a shorter, faster, harder workout for reasons forthcoming. (See Reason #4)

4. TMIRCE vs. Community Running | Rd. 2 Trivia Challenge

Community Running is a great running club who think they’re smarter than us. They can certainly bowl, but tomorrow night, immediately following track workout, we’re going to head to Kings in the Back Bay at 8pm to show them who’s boss at trivia. This is bound to be an battle royal, a blood bath of the mind and we need all the brain power on tap to defeat Community Running.

3. TMIRCE:BOS #FiT [Thursday 6:45am Magazine Beach Workout Park]

Are you looking to ratchet up your workout routine? Want to get in shape in a fun, supportive environment? Come out Thursday morning 6:45am sharp – for TMIRCE:BOS #FiT (Friends in Training.) We meet at the Magazine Beach workout area near the BU Bridge (limited parking available in lot.)

  • What to expect: Tire pull, pull ups, dragon push ups, sprints, box jumps, planks, burpees
  • What to bring: Bottle of water, killer smile, appetite for getting #FiT

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2. #goldenegg Brunch-off at TMIRCE Saturday at City Sports

For the last 2 weeks since it’s inception, Kate Crosby has dominated in bringing homemade food to TMIRCE Saturday’s at City Sports for the brunch part of the run and proudly walked away with the #goldenegg. Her baked oatmeal is unprecedented and awaits a suitable challenger to attempt to dethrone her. Will someone rise up or will Kate become the Michael Jordan of TMIRCE? Find out this week on running club.

Golden Egg

1. TMIRCE Marathon Watch Party

Whether you’re a runner or not, the Boston Marathon is one of the most inspiring events you can watch in person in your lifetime. Come out and meet all your favorite friends from TMIRCE at 11:00am at the corner of Beacon and St. Paul St. (Mile 24) and be prepared to cheer on all the TMIRCE runners in this years race. We’ll be watching with some of friends from Community Running and some TMIRCE:NYC representatives also.

What you need to know: Bring some snacks and beverages, dress appropriately for standing around, and warm up your vocal chords to belt out your best encouragements. (Homemade signs are a bonus)

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This weeks special mention goes out to TusaRebecca for her stately visit.

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